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Robertson NSW 2577, Australia

Coppertree Farms

Prestigious & Premium - just the way nature intended

A New Era Begins.

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About Us

Coppertree Farms are carefully designed to have an eco-system that works.

We deliver high quality, premium products, but our farming practices are done in a way that is renewable, sustainable, and regenerative to the land. 

And we're proud of it.


Only the Best in Animal Husbandry Practice

We use everything that is available to us, including technology, to ensure our practices represent nothing but the best in animal health and land care. 

Proud to be Part of the Farming Community

Coppertree Farms are proud to be a meaningful part of their local community. Our sustainable farming practices and use of technology makes a visit to the farm something you'll never forget.

The way nature intended

We're proud to say that our animals don't just have "access" to be outside, they live their lives outdoors. Just the way nature intended. Our minimalist approach means the animals to grow with the least amount of human interaction as possible.

Our Site is Currently Under Construction

Come Back Soon!

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